Very Short Fiction Award<BR>Top 25 Winners and Finalists<BR>Summer 1997

1st-place winner:
Richard Lyons for "The Stain"

2nd-place winner:
Sallie Bingham for "Going Native"

3rd-place winner:
Carol Howell for "And Run"

And the finalists, listed in alphabetical order:

J. T. Barbarese for "Being Misha"
Barbara Bedway for "Atomic Weather"
Tom Billings for "Biology Lesson"
Vera Caccioppoli for "Rambler Days"
Daisy Cain for "Paper Thin"
Bo Caldwell for "Dust"
Jeremiah Chamberlin for "The Month of Dying"
Deborah Correnti for "The Third Child"
Pete Fromm for "Dancing"
Kim Hagerich for "Heirlooms"
Gail Henningsen for "Women Who Could Not Have Babies, Then Did"
Nancy Isonhood for "Family Circle"
Julie King for "Bermuda"
Frederick J. McGavran for "Dreaming of the Sun"
Susan Messer for "The Stone Age of Intimacy"
Madeleine Mysko for "Headlines"
Claudia Putnam for "Volunteers"
Susan Segal for "Birthday Card"
Dale Simms for "I Scream for Ice Cream"
Wendy J. E. Stevens for "Why We Live in History's Past"
Janet Fisher Swiggart for "Fluorescent Lights"
Anna Viadero for "Mother Love"

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